Why Use Concrete Edging?

Why Use Concrete Edging?
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Why Use Concrete Curbing In The Garden?
Property owners need to maintain some type of edging to keep their garden or land looking good. Most use wood, plastic, brick, stone or, more often nowadays, heavy ready-made sections of pre-cast concrete. Considerable time and effort has to be taken to prepare for and lay any of these evenly and properly. And still there are many problems with these traditional borders: such as wood rotting; plastic brittleness; irregularity and movement of brick, stone and concrete sections; discolouration.
And probably the biggest failings of traditional edging are their rigid straight-line contour limitations and blandness of appearance.
Garden owners also have to regularly dig and trim to keep an edge between their flowerbeds and lawn.

Continuous Landscape Edging
Using on-site, machine extruded, concrete edging from Beautiful Borders solves all of these problems, and also adds visual appeal, lasting beauty and value to a property.
Main Benefits
  • Eye-catching distinctive new look.
  • Huge style selection.
  • Produces circles, bends, straight lines, right angles, etc.
  • Durable and permanent - no movement, no rot.
  • Fast, tidy installation - we do all the work.
  • Saves you time on trimming and weeding - keeps garden neat.
  • Border existing beds without disturbance, or create new ones.
Cost Savings:

Curbing is an inexpensive option that not only enhances the overall appearance and presentation of a property but also serves a purpose as it can provide a reduction in lawn care and landscape maintenance, resulting in a cost savings. Concrete curbing does not attract termites like wood products may do, and does not require replacement from wood rot or decay, and is a sensible alternative to plastic products as it is much more durable and environmentally friendly.

Common Uses

  • Mower Edges
  • Garden soil, bark, pebble, etc., separation and retention.
  • Landscape contouring - commercial and residential.
  • Walkways, Parks and Paths
  • Patio and driveway edging.
  • Golf course cart paths.



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